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OFTTI- Redesign Update


Letter received from Iain Macaulay, Chief Social Work Officer

Following the consultancy work undertaken by Hall Aitken on the OFTTI Service, the Comhairle, on 30 October 2008, approved the implementation of a restructured model of service delivery.

To take forward the initial work of the consultation, the Comhairle established a Transition Working Group under the Chairmanship of Councillor Charlie Nicolson.

Advocacy Western Isles Have Moved to New Premises

Advocacy Western Isles

This invaluable service has moved accross the road from their previous office into the new Bridge Building, formerly the YMCA.

These new premises offer better facilities, access and more privacy to clients requiring assistance.

New Contact Details

Advocacy Western Isles

Lamont Lane



Isle of Lewis


Tel: 01851 701755


Writing Competition

Neil Gunn Writing Competition

CAMHS Training December '08-May '09

Child & Adolescent Mental Health Training Courses

December 2008 - May 2009

“Good mental health is an essential part of our vision for children and young people. Mental wellbeing affects their behaviour, their ability to learn and achieve, and their physical health. And just as importantly, it impacts on their ability to enjoy their childhood and teenage years to the full”.

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